5 Mistakes Made By People With Oily Skin

5 Mistakes Made By People With Oily Skin Oily Skin SPF Sunscreen

Oily skin can be a nightmare. It can mean taking a shower, walking outside for three minutes and looking like you just did three hundred jumping jacks.

What you might not know is the way in which you’re exacerbating your condition!

Here’s some common counterproductive habits people have toward their oily skin.

1. Overcleansing

We get it. When that T-Spot starts acting up, you want to scrub, scrub, scrub away and never see oil again. But stop for a moment because you’re actually making things worse.

Oil is important to your body. When you strip your skin of it, your body starts to produce more in response.

You can save yourself and your skin a whole lot of trouble by doing things in moderation.

2. Not Drinking Enough Water

When people have chronically dry skin, they’re naturally attracted to water. Unfortunately, the reverse is true: sometimes having oily skin can distract you from your general dehydration.

But staying hydrated will go a long way into replenishing your skin and keeping it from producing excessive oil.

On that note…

3. Not Putting On Moisturizer

Okay, we get why this one’s weird. Your face is oily enough. Why, god, do we need to make it morewet

It all comes down to balance. Your skin is producing oil because it feels a lack of protection from dryness. Moisturizing sort of pre-empts the fight – and with a product that’s more aesthetically pleasing.

4. Spending Too Much Time In The Sun

It’s hard to stress how important hydration is. The sun, besides all of its negative health effects, dries out the skin and ramps up that oil production to 11.

So try to put on a hat.

5. Not Putting On Sunscreen!

Sunscreen is by far the most important anti-aging tool in the box. UVA Rays, besides being the leading cause of skin cancer, age the skin like nobody’s business.

If you want to make 40 the new 20, make sure you put on your sunscreen.

Have an oily T-Spot? Wanna know how to keep your face oil free? Call Sanctuary Cosmetic Center to schedule an appointment today.

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